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Thousands of teens in the poverty-stricken country of Malawi are suffering from HIV and are unable to afford proper treatment. Their lifespan has also been shortened due to the isolation they experience from the rest of society due to their condition. Dignitas, an organization with the agenda of raising awareness for these teens, holds several fundraising events to fund Teen Club programs which treat the HIV+ teenagers and help them to feel more included.


Laurier has chosen to fundraise for this cause by holding an annual bike-a-thon. Many of the students at Laurier have taken the initiative of being responsible for the planning of the event. They have worked hard to promote the event and its cause, raise funds, organize performances and collect bikes for the Race for Dignity event, which was held on October 27th 2017.


During the event, two speakers from Dignitas expressed their gratitude for Laurier’s contribution to their organization since 2011. A female student also performed a song accompanying an accordion in her native tongue. Afterwards, students were called down for the fourth period to participate in the event by biking and distributing snacks. Students were enthusiastic about the event, as they were also dressed up in costumes that fit a theme to their liking. Performances ranging from dances from Team Bollywood to other singing acts helped to elevate the upbeat mood during the event, which resulted in the event being a major success.


Thanks to Laurier’s efforts, over $1700.00 was raised for this cause. The executive team is hoping for the event to be even more successful in the coming years.