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Q1. Why do I have to complete my 40 hours of Community Hours so soon?
A1. The May 23rd deadline is to allow Ms. Primeau - the only person in the office who enters the hours into the system - enough time to process Gr. 10 IB paperwork before the June rush of Gr. 12 student paperwork in advance of June graduation deadlines. The service element of CAS can not be started until the Ontario diploma is met. Be organized and get it done!

Q2. Is it possible to get CAS done in Summer 2017 and Summer 2018 rather than during the school year?
A2. No. CAS does NOT start until September of Grade 11 - September 2017. CAS is about leading a balanced life and balancing academics with extracurriculars. The challenge and the fun of CAS is found in this balancing act. You are not "doing CAS" if you are not doing it every week from September of Grade 11 to April of Grade 12. You will continue with your CAS program during the summer between Grade 11 and Grade 12 but it is not a catch up period and is instead a continuation of your existing CAS program. However, things you might be doing now and / or during the Summer of 2017 may be things you will incorporate into your CAS program in September.


Q1. So many students say that they don't get TOK. I am very uneasy about the course.
A1. TOK is a journey in understanding yourself, in questioning why you believe and think the way you do, and in understanding the world around you in those terms. Not everyone progresses in this journey at the same pace and learning that and experiencing that is part of the gift of TOK. The into to TOK - IB CORE classes in Grade 11 - and the full semester course in the fall of Grade 12 prepares you for the TOK assessments and more importantly supports you in your journey of becoming a more reflective learning and better critical thinker. Having time in which you explore questions and take the risk to think about things in a different way is another part of the gift of TOK. It can be a lot of fun! We will take it one step at a time.......


Q1. What are the Mandatory Reflections all about?

The new Extended Essay curriculum includes a Reflection Piece. Students must have 3 formal sessions with their mentor (about 15-20 minutes each) during the process and reflect upon them in Managebac. These reflections are evaluated by the IB assessors for 6 of 34 possible marks on the Extended Essay. Guidance for what should be discussed in these sessions as well as rough timelines are made available at the start of the process.

These sessions are mandatory, and allow the Candidate to explore issues with their research and writing with the mentor. It also helps ensures the authenticity of the Candidate's work.

Q2. I really like Economics, but I took Psychology instead. Am I allowed to write an essay within Economics?

Generally, no. It's important that all Candidates have a footing in the study of their chosen Extended Essay subject. As such, generally a student should be taking a course within a subject area to write an essay of the same subject. There is an exception however called the PEC (Prior Experience Clause).

The PEC applies if a student is taking optional courses within a subject area that Laurier has IB experience with. (I.e., History, Visual Arts, Music were taught at Laurier and we have IB Trained staff within that subject) Applying for a PEC requires a conversation with the Extended Essay Coordinator and their approval.

In the case of the Candidate wanting to write an essay in Economics, we would ask what background in Economics the Candidate has. Are they studying it as an elective either at Laurier or externally? If there is not enough academic background for that student, the application for a PEC would likely be denied.

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