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May 2016 brought an end to a rigorous journey for the International Baccalaureate (IB) class of 2016, and an end to the first part of the journey for the Class of 2017, the current Grade 12 IB students.

The Class of 2016 have successfully finished their high school career, and have headed off to university to begin a new chapter in their lives with the skills the IB programme has fostered within them.

The current Grade 12 IB students have successfully completed both their French and Mathematical studies, and are now gearing up for the following year to continue and develop their skills.  

Both cohorts have shown that dedication has its rewards, and that Laurier is committed to supporting students on this very challenging but rewarding journey. Both cohorts have once again demonstrated solid results by exceeding the world average in 6 (!) out of the 9 IB subjects offered at Laurier.

For example, Grade 11 students on average achieved a 5.25 in Standard Level Mathematics as compared to the worldwide score of 4.38. The Grade 12s also achieved above world average, with an average of 5.42, as compared to 4.80 in Higher Level English. (Click here to see Laurier IB Results.)

This has become a tradition to ask the graduating IB cohort to fill out an exit survey. According to the survey results, will power, the unwillingness to quit half-way, pride, motivation from parents, teachers and peers, and the benefits of the programme motivated the students to stay committed to the IB Diploma Programme (DP) all the way through. Many found the CAS Program to be the greatest strength of Laurier’s IB DP, as it provided many opportunities, improved time-management skills, encouraged all-roundedness in students, and brought the cohort together during their major CAS project, when they organized the school’s “Race for Dignity” event. The most popular CAS activities the students participated in included Me to We, Fit Club, and UCC, as well as sports, music, dance, volunteering opportunities, and other activities in and outside school. “Excellent teaching staff and a supportive environment” were also rated highly by the Laurier IB graduates, and are said to have provided great motivation throughout the programme. The students agreed that teachers were approachable, and willing to take time out of their own schedules to provide help. “Completing all the IB exams” and “finishing the programme” itself provided a sense of big accomplishment for these students. The students reported that having to maintain high marks while juggling CAS, the Extended Essay, and Internal Assessment components was difficult, but, at the same time benefitial, as these experiences helped the students enhance their  time management skills and learn how to truly persevere. 82.6% of the students who completed the survey found that the school community clearly reflected the IB principles and agree that the school is committed to developing in students the qualities, attitudes, and characteristics described in the Laurier Learner Profile.

Overall, the 2016 Laurier IB graduates agreed that, although demanding and difficult at times, the programme is definitely a manageable exploit. One can truly succeed as long as he or she has proper motivation and time management skills, which are essential for success both at university and in life in general.

Laurier IB Writing Team


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