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Laurier Welcomes Grade 9 IB Preps!


Laurier IB Prep students must achieve at least 70% in each core subject (English, French, Geography or History, Math and Science) in order to be promoted to the next IB Prep or IB Grade.


Just over a month has passed since Laurier welcomed a new batch of grade nine Pre-International Baccalaureate (IB Prep) students into its student population. In an effort to assess the success of the students’ transition, a survey was conducted on all the ninth grade IB Prep students. Through participating in this survey, students had the opportunity to share their insights into their transition, and what resources and supports available at Laurier made this transition easier for them.

The responses to the survey indicated that the majority of the Grade 9 Laurier IB Prep students began their high school experience with a positive start! Approximately 87% of students found their transition to the Laurier IB Prep Programme to be “very easy” or “easy”, despite the fact that many of them had felt apprehensive before beginning their high school journeys. Students’ primary concerns regarding the transition ranged from coping with the homework load, tendencies to procrastinate, fitting into the large student population, making new friends, and coping with the academically challenging courses. However, the majority of students felt that the supportive staff and welcoming atmosphere certainly contributed to easing their transition into this challenging programme. For example, one student wrote, “I find my transition to the Laurier IB Prep Programme easy because I love the school community…my peers and the teachers are very supportive.” Another wrote that the “[The Laurier] IB Prep community has made it easy to fit in.” According to the survey, 95% of students found the support system available at Laurier to be sufficient, with credit being given to Laurier’s guidance counselors and school staff. The Laurier IB Prep students seem to be adapting well, as 67% have already joined extracurricular clubs and/or tried out for athletic teams. Students found interest in a number of premier clubs and teams including DECA, Volunteer Now, Me to We, Team Bollywood, SAC (Student Activity Council), Robotics, and the Swim Team offered at Laurier. Overall, many found that the friendly nature of the staff and students, the variety of teams and clubs, and the opportunities for success in both academics and extracurricular activities is what they most enjoyed at their new school. Students commented that the opportunity for success, even outside of the IB Programme, made Laurier seem like an even more inviting and welcoming place to be.

In regards to the IB Programme specifically, over 95% of students, having anticipated the challenge, found themselves to be moderately to extremely well-prepared. Students generally found French to be the easiest subject with Mathematics being the most difficult. However, they also found that they could manage the homework load reasonably through effective time management strategies. Furthermore, students generally felt that the effective teaching methods employed were helpful in the learning process.

Despite the challenging nature of the IB Programme, grade nine students seemed more than adequate at rising to the challenge, as seen through their participation in school clubs and teams, and their pursuing of academic goals. The grade nines have been demonstrating their strong interest in academic pursuits with their ambition towards their career plans. Many students seemed to have concrete ideas regarding which universities they would like to attend, along with ideas of career paths, only at the start of grade nine! This batch of students seems to be particularly diverse in terms of their ambitions, as their desired fields of interest ranged from engineering to law to psychology and neuroscience, to medicine to aerospace and even astrophysics!  

It’s clear that the sky is truly the limit for this year’s batch of Grade 9 IB Preps! Laurier wishes the grade nines the best of luck with the rest of their high school careers and in pursuing their ambitions both in and outside of school. Another set of bright minds have found a place in the Laurier IB Prep Programme, and we are looking forward to following their successes and achievements!


Laurier IB Writing Team

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