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The Laurier community is extremely proud of the results achieved by Laurier's IB graduates and the glowing feedback received on their first 5-year review as a World International Baccalaureate (IB) School.

For the third year in a row, the performance demonstrated by Laurier IB graduates exceeded the world average in English, French, Math, Physics and Biology.

The IB Laurier graduates have demonstrated solid results again. 50 IB graduates from Class of 2016 have successfully earned IB Diplomas. The top score for this cohort is 43/45 points. The average total number of points is 33/45 and the average grade is 5.05/7.

Laurier is also celebrating the results of their first IB 5-Year Review. The evaluation report contains numerous commendations on the outstanding job done by the entire Laurier community in every standard of the self-study process - Philosophy, Leadership and Structure, Resources and Support and Curriculum. The Laurier community is currently working on an action plan based on the outcomes of this review. This is a great opportunity for the Laurier community to reflect on their experiences and ensure an ongoing commitment to academic excellence in the future.


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