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Sir Wilfrid Laurier C.I. successfully completed a multi-stage application process and was granted the status of an IB World School in May of 2007. Our first IB class of 6 students graduated in June 2010 and demonstrated excellent results. Since then, the IB enrollment student numbers have significantly increased. Over 300 students are enrolled in the Laurier Pre-IB and IB Programme. A great deal of time, creativity and effort was invested by the Laurier administration and staff into planning and implementing the IB Diploma Programme. As a result, we are proud of the quality of the IB Programme we are offering students today.

At Sir Wilfrid Laurier, we take a collegial approach to running the IB DP. There are 33 IB trained and highly-qualified staff members on the Laurier IB Faculty. Many teachers hold a Master's degree in their subject areas.

We have built a simple but very effective IB model that meets the interests of the vast majority of the students. The course choices in the 6 groups of the IB hexagon meet the prerequisite requirements of a wide variety of university programs. As a result, our IB graduates are not restricted in terms of their university program choices. The Laurier IB Programme will prepare you well for university, regardless of the field in which you are interested. All the IB students at Laurier write their first two IB exams in French and Math in May of Grade 11. The benefit of this model is that the IB students are able to focus more intensely on the remaining four IB exams in Grade 12. Therefore, to be successful, an IB student at Laurier must have developed a solid foundation in all core subjects with a particular focus on Math and French in Grades 9 and 10.

We are also proud of the fact that since the very beginning of the process of implementation of the IB programme at Laurier, we have tried to avoid creating a school within a school. Wherever possible, the IB and Pre-IB students at Laurier are integrated with the rest of the school population. Although IB students are respected for the additional work they are doing, they are not entitled to any special privileges, nor do they receive any special treatment. Any programs, initiatives, leadership opportunities and awards are open to every Laurier student. This policy helps us to maintain a healthy, supportive and safe learning environment.

The Laurier community is extremely proud of the Laurier IB graduates’ results, which have consistently been higher than the world averages in English, French, Biology, Physics and Mathematics.

We have successfully completed our first 5-year review by the IB Organization and received numerous commendations on the outstanding job done by the Laurier community in implementation of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.


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