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What do you like best about your new school?

"I like how the building is structured, it's easy to get from place to place once you know where everything is."

"I like the fact that my new school has a big learning environment where there are many resources which I can use. For example there are many after school tutoring area where I can get help."

"The various different clubs and groups around the school, and events held"

"I like that there's a sense of community at our school. Everyone looks out for each other even if they don't know them. All the staff and students are very kind and they have respect for one another."

"I like how there are many new extra-curriculars in the school, that deals with many topics and situations that I never heard of or thought about."

"I think something that I've really enjoyed is meeting all new people and making new friends."

Why did you choose the Laurier IB Prep Programme?

"I chose the Laurier IB Prep Programme so I could study abroad if I ,hopefully, get my IB diploma. I also chose this programme because I wanted to get sense of how university will be like so I don't get stressed out."

"I chose the Laurier IB Prep Programme, because I want to see how a new learning environment can change on how I learn. With new peers, a new community, and a much more advanced learning system, this allows me to work harder and be more effective in my learning. I really enjoy the Laurier IB Prep Programme so far."

"Because I know the IB Prep program is a challenge and I always look for challenges in my life. Also I know that the IB Prep program is a very good start to your post secondary education and prepares you well for university"

"I chose Laurier's IB Prep program because i had previously heard that this school was the best since the teachers are very supportive"

"I chose IB Prep because I have heard in the past that it is a very difficult programme to handle. That caught my attention because i was looking for a highschool that would force me to work hard and bring out the best in me."

"I chose the Laurier IB Prep Programme because I felt like it was good opportunity for me to take, whatever opens up to me I take advantage of it."

What was the biggest challenge you had to face at the beginning of your IB Prep career? How did you cope with it?

"Probably the fact that I knew no one, but as the year progressed I made new friends through group projects and extra curricular activities."

"The 'what if' questions that floated around in my head.Always asking myself 'what if I do badly on the first few tests? What if I don't know what to do on an assignment and I don't know how to ask someone for help? What if I get too much homework that I can't cope with?' All of these questions are too pessimistic. Stop thinking about the 'what if' questions because I can tell you the more you think about them, you'll start focusing on these questions rather than your studies and then you'll end up answering your those 'what if' questions. And then you are so screwed. So get rid of those 'what if' questions right now and don't stress out because of them. They will bring you down if you focus on them rather than your studies."

"My biggest challenge was time management as I was given so much work from so many different classes at once. Eventually I learned how to spend my time effectively ."

"The biggest challenge for me was getting from one class to another on time and making sure it was the right class. I used a map on my first week of grade 9"

"I had many challenges that affected me which would include difficulty in Academics, not knowing anybody in the whole school and overall just a completely new place for me. I had discussions about challenges with the seniors of mine who completed the IB Prep Program and they have let me know that I am not alone and they also have suffered challenges. I talked to my family as well and as days go by, things are getting better and easier. So, if you have any challenges in the beginning, don't worry it'll get better."

"The temptation to procrastinate. I had to make many sacrifices to get work done on the day I was given the assignments, so I would not be overwhelmed near the due date. Time management skills needed to be acquired in a short period of time, and I coped by making a routine for myself which I stayed faithful to."

"Math was definitely a challenge for me, and I still cope with it by continuing to do extra math problems."

If you are a perfectionist or a procrastinator, what strategies do you use to improve in order to increase your chances for success in earning the IB Diploma?

"Prioritize and not waste too much time on one thing. Start homework right when you get home so you're done early and get away from distractions."

"I am a perfectionist but was also probably one of the biggest procrastinators but as days go by with the IB Program, you learn how to not procrastinate, manage time and every other skill you need to help yourself in the future. Thankfully, I learned how to not procrastinate especially because it had an impact on my marks."

"Take the necessary steps to remember that being perfect is an unattainable goal and that everything closer to achieving your goal is one step greater."

"Attempt to keep my schedule open if work seems to take longer than expected."

Recall how you felt transitioning into the Programme last year. What would you say to a Grade 9 student who may feel overwhelmed by the size of the new school, the amount of homework and the pace of the core courses?

"Remember to not stress and finish assignments a day in advance. Believe me it helps (except in Geo)."

"If you are overwhelmed by the size of the school, study the map, ask around for help. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of homework, try to finish some before school, during lunch time and in your extra time in class. If you are overwhelmed by the pace of the course, study each topic on your own time, go over your notes and handouts, and try to read ahead before learning the topic in class. This way you already have your questions ready for the teacher."

"I would say not to worry about the big change because there are always people in our school that can help overcome that anxiety and you will feel a lot better if you have a group of other IBs to talk to (Gr 9, 10, 11, and 12)."

"calm yourself and think of the work as normal and easy. do not build an ego however. when you realize that IB Prep is easy if you finish your work and balance yourself with your own time and study time it is not so overwhelming anymore."

"I would say don't worry you will get use to the school, and classes, and before you know it the year will be done. If you put all your effort in completing your course, you will do well! n don't procrastinate! n be ahead of all homework without falling behind!"


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